ABENEKO has toured his own dance productions works and teach as a musician, dancer and choreographers oversees. He is freelance contemporary dancer and choreographer focus on live stage performing arts such as contemporary performing arts in various specific collaboration projects.

He has experienced in teaching various dance classes, choreography and work as dancers in numerous dance and music pieces in several countries in Africa, Europe America and South Korea. Since in 1998 he was involved in traditional dance and theater practices during his education in primary and secondary high school and later in 2005, He joined Lumumba theater group where he got exposed more and advanced in to the art of dance, music and theater.

He is motivated by the power of performance art to express and question contemporary issues such as cultural diversity, politics and economy.

He has also worked and trained by influential artists, directors and choreographers, such as Stephanie Thiersch, Germaine Acogny, David Zambrano, Nora Chipaumire, Sophia Stepf-Flinn Works, Musa Hlatshwayo, Opiyo Okach, Kefa Oiro, Patrick Acogny, Vanessa Tamburi and Aloyce Makonde.



The Afro fusion without confusion is a dance series workshop bring contemporary dance techniques and fusing with African traditional dance technique together  (fusion) in one space which is all about how we can experience different dance journey from one dance ethnicity to somewhere as a process of getting from one point to another point in a way of investigate what is the flexibility of our body, what different verbal we can offer our body to learn within new established principle, repetition, improvisation, form, breaking the rules, Habits alongside of this paradoxes, observations, questions, opinion all these path through on a line of exposed and exploring ourselves in another new dance language and creations.


Watch S Alien – Performance in Seoul

Created and Choreographed during Dance Exchanging residency in South Korea, hosted by Seoul International Dance  Festival as part of CPI. CID-UNESCO, organized as a part of Cultural Partnership Initiative 2015 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea.

Watch Maji Maji Flava – in Germany

Maji Maji Flava is a collaboration between Flinn Works (Kassel/Berlin) and Asedeva (Dar es Salaam) which takes the MAJI MAJI WAR (1905 – 1907) of Tanzanian resistance against German colonial rule as its point of departure. From this shared historical event – that is perceived completely different in the two countries – the team will start an exploration of different themes: What are the perspectives on the Maji Maji War today? How can we represent this war that is at the same time myth, legend, taboo and historical event? How can we integrate different perspectives into one performance? How can we create a co-production that speaks to both Tanzanian and German audiences?

The artists and performers creating this work have radically different artistic, cultural and geopolitical perspectives. These perspectives will not be glossed over but rather sharpened into focus, driving the artistic process. Instead of seeking compromise, the project invites this clash of juxtaposing contemporary viewpoints on a shared historical event and its effects on today. Exoticism will be deconstructed, cultural stereotypes and opposing perspectives will be examined and performatively articulated. Maji Maji Flava will create an imaginative and generative artistic space in which language slips between German, Swahili and English, abstract theatre clashes with driving rhythms, magic confounds science, and contemporary dance co-exists with satire.
Creation and Performance Isack Peter Abeneko, Jan S. Beyer, Sabrina Ceesay, Konradin Kunze, Shabani Rashid, Lisa Stepf
Direction Sophia Stepf
Choreography Isack Peter Abeneko
Music Jan S. Beyer
Set and Costume Design Brigitte Schima
Assistant & Documentary Film Julia Gechter
Technical Director Kassel Christian Franzen
Produktionsleitung ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro

A production of Flinn Works in collaboration with ASEDEVA and Staatstheater Kassel.

Watch 3 Macho – Performance in Tanzania

3 Macho is a contemporary dance piece that provoking and tells about political and religion confusion concern Christian, Muslim and unknown African religions reflect to our past, present and future with integration of Tribes/people substance. ‘’Religion is a particular system of faith, belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, specially a personal God or Gods ’’ where do the religion confusion coming from? Where do the different of tribes/people in certain community coming from? Do you remember The past, your past our past, his/ her past? The Past to the Present truly tell everything that going to or will happening in the Future. Look at your Family, Friends, Community positively tell them who you are, how do you like or love things to be, talk and solve your issues. 3 Macho also mean 3 eyes in Swahili. Use you third eye to speak, report, observe and change.

Mitumba in Germany

Using a typical African flea market, the makers of „Mitumba“ combine contemporary dance with music and drama and create an exciting performative setting that directly includes the audience. (Academy of the Arts of the World) Mitumba uses the circulation of second hand clothing as a starting point for its artistic work to protest the mechanisms of the neoliberal market. Mitumba asks how mobility and a constantly changing society affect the artistic practice. Searching for new forms of presentation a collective of choreographers and dancers from Kenya, Tanzania, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the United States and Taiwan that have known each other for years, combine ethics of the discourse with aesthetic principles.

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