March 3, 2017
Weka Music Production
Producer: Abeneko
Number of discs: 1

Mama Chambewa  album,

Here is the first Abeneko’ album, It took 3 year to write and compose all song on this album. It is an album which was launch and released in Doa doa, May 2015 in Uganda.  This album with collection of different traditional,bong fusion, reggae, funky tunes and various topic.  It is all true experience that Abeneko have gained while volunteering  teaching street children at dogo dogo center in bunju, Dar es saalm, Tanzania. This is album speaks about street children issues with different perspective of what are the reasons course the increase of street children and how to prevent it. On this album some of the song speaks about youth drags addiction and inspire youth with positive behavior change. Some song talking about love and the feels of being in love, all problem surround love topic, Some song is about Africa and sing about Africa continent problems of wars and show the beautiful Afrika with no civil wars.

‘’I wrote all of this song to express political, social and cultural issues and give voice and hope to my fellow youths, to be responsible and good leader of our society for tomorrow in our near future’’

Copy rights by @ ABENEKO & Weka Music all rights reserved