November 4, 2016
Weka Music Production
Producer: Abeneko
Number of discs: 1

Matatizo means problems in kiswahili, this song inspired by true story and life situation of the poor family from society of low incomes Tanzania, the song addressing the situation of poverty and all situations that poor societies do face and struggle with especially from rural areas and some part of urban area. It is ironic  about the current political debates and political climates  of Tanzania how things have been immoral after the main election.

You will see, there is always things are more important as basic need to low income society like road, hospital, education, health, power but yet development come and defined by things which not benefit low income people, low incomes people are lack of hospital with medicine, unemployment issues, proper roads, poor education, schools do not have benches and enough qualified teachers with other more issues.

’’As an artist/musician living and belong to this society, whereby all of this is what we facing in our daily life, all of this problem inspired me to write a song and talk about this issue which came out through Masumbuko family and of course to show the government and politicians what we are facing in real life in our society’’

Therefore, I address all of this issues by writing a song which will simply send a message and bring attention close to this situation so that to raise awareness to the common issue the society from low incomes facing and find solution on the issues.

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