December 15, 2019
Weka Music Records
Producer: Excel Michael Haonga

Wakati means “time” in Kiswahili. The songs on this album portray the essence of daily life from for local Tanzanians, with messages to encourage people to appreciate that time is precious and to live the moment.  We should not wait until the last tree has been cut down, before realizing the importance of the environment for our sustenance. We should not wait until loved ones are gone, before appreciating the beauty of their presence. We should not wait until losing a job, before remembering how difficult it is to find another job. “Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift – that’s why it’s called the present.” You only get one chance to appreciate and that time is now, it is your time, it is my time – let us not wait until time has past us by, only to discover what we have missed.

This album is the result of a creative process, traversing the musical combinations of world music, afro-pop, bongo-fusion, reggae, and other local styles

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